some of our projects:

the crispy part of the lasagne - performance of a text score - 17/10/21

A text score (a set of instructions for creating a piece of art) concerned with focus on minimal musical material and imitation

View the full PDF score to see how the piece was created!

Players record short improvisations before the performance and choose a 1 to 6 second segment. These segments are repeated continuously, starting simultaneously each time, to form a reference track. During the performance, the players attempt to imitate the reference track and then begin to subtly subvert it.

Performers: Eleanor F Robertson Patrick Phillip mistakeless Ábel M.G.E. Jamie Farrington James Allen Sean Norris

MIDI sharing - notation and instrumentation - 19/9/21

How can instrumentation change the character of a piece of music?

In this session we experimented with MIDI. Simply put, MIDI is a way of notating music. MIDI files contain numerical information that tells computers what notes to play, how loudly to play them and potentially much more. But there is no intrinsic sound quality when working with MIDI.

We each composed a short piece, using MIDI. And sent the MIDI files to another person who added their own intrumentation.

Full MIDI sharing project info on this page!

^^ including audio documentation!

lost in translation - score making and interpreting - 27/3/21

What instructions can we give to describe how we might reproduce a sound? And how will those instructions be interpreted?

In this session, we all created short sounds. These were passed onto another person, who was required to create a score (a score can be a set of instructions or something more abstract) that would describe the original sound. Then the final person in the chain interpreted the score they recieved.

Full lost in translation project info here!

^^ including audio and visual documentation!

multiplayer drum sequencer - improvisation - 5/9/21

An improvisation created with the Intersymmetric online multiplayer drum sequencer. The improvisation is free to download!

Sample the recording if you like! It's released under the Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Featuring: Chris Pott Patrick Phillip mistakeless