Have fun

- avoid placing expectations on art

Be inclusive

- everyone can create and enjoy art


- find new ways of making art


- work together as much as possible

What we do:

We meet regularly, at least twice a month

Online sessions usually last an hour and a half

We meet on Discord, often at 1pm UK time on Saturdays

When working online, we might experiment by sharing files with each other and working quickly

We have also improvised live via Zoom, exploring silence

In the past, we improvised a live soundtrack for Fritz Lang's 'Metropolis'

We've also played around with mixing improvised visuals and improvised sound

The sessions, currently, serve to get ideas and collaboration flowing!

Who we are:

We are a diverse group of artists making a wide variety of work

All members are encouraged to steer the group's direction

Many sessions are initiated by mistakeless

A musician with a love of text scores and wonky art